Polly's Birth Book (Front Cover)

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The highly sought after, world renowned, ONLY reference book / “how to” manual of its kind world wide!

A reference manual for:


Midwives and doctors

Emergency preparedness

…in language that anyone can understand!

Polly’s Birth Book is a comprehensive natural childbirth reference book and training manual for all those who desire better birthing experiences.

Polly Block’s years of experience delivering babies, training lay midwives, and lecturing have prepared her to write this volume directed to the lay person–her personal “labor” of love.

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A Message from the Author:

I have written this book because I want people who have chosen home birth to know what they are undertaking…

If you are excited about home birth, you are not alone. The number of parents who want to have a birth THEIR way–without intervention, without unecessary medication, WITH herbal therapy, without being told what is best for them–is growing constantly.

Whether you are an expectant parent wanting to know more about birth, a person interested in becoming a midwife, or just someone interested in the miracle of life, this book has been written to give you more than the basics…

For those who are serious about learning the skills of midwifery, this book is a companion to experiential learning.

These skills are especially valuable in an emergency situation, perhaps when a physical disaster has crippled hospitals and communication and you are the only person available to help.

This book takes you through a birth, from the first signs of pregnancy through prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum care, in chronological order; possible complications in each phase are explained.

–Polly Block



…a treasured book…
Beth S. Rodriguez (Certified Nurse Midwife, LM), Naples, FL
I will train our own midwives and village advanced women, and carry these books (Polly's Birth Books) to the tribal areas to show them your new experiences and techniques of childbirth, breastfeeding, care and management by their parents. Your book was recommended by another doctor at a medical seminar on childbirth.
Dr. K.D. Chauhan, Unjha, Nth Gujarat, India
I wish I could tell you how many persons we know who have been helped with your wonderful birth book. Incredible. Godly. Knowledgeable.
Dr. and Mrs. John Gambee, Springfield, OR
As a registered nurse, Lamaze instructor and mother of three children, this book is a must reading for my clients at the birthing center.
Linda J. Stauffer (RN), Marlton, NJ
This book is by far the finest in midwifery that I've read.
Nola B. Hammon, Colorado City, AZ

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We have found the Polly-Jean Formula–an herbal combination that [expectant mothers] begin taking five weeks prior to anticipated date of delivery–to be a boon to the home birth movement. It assists in the following ways:

  • Much easier labor and delivery.
  • Longer and easier labors for women who tend to have precipitous births.
  • Shorter and easier labors for women who tend to have long labors.
  • Bigger dilation before discomfort arises.
  • Minimization of postpartum bleeding when taken in conjunction with the “Good Program” [explained in Polly’s Birth Book].
  • Shorter periods before [uterine discharge] stops.

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